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Sustainable Human Resource Management

The Operation of Human Resource Management

The Company recognizes the importance of employees that they are valuable resources to drive the company’s business. By the company will recruit staff with motivating while retain quality employees, and focus on developing employee’s knowledge and skills to be able to support new business for effective and sustainable company.


TTCL employs a systematic recruitment system and selection process by recruiting from various channels to obtain diverse applicants. The Human Resource Department works with other Division such as Engineering Division, Project Execution Division to analyze staffing needs, identify essential skill requirements and develop acquisition plans to recruit and select capable applicants to serve business needs in a timely manner.

  • Internal recruitment

    Recruitment within the organization is a staff recruiting by selection or promoted within the organization, considered on their knowledge and appropriate by 2 major points as follow;

    • To publicize within company.
    • To allocate manpower from Headquarters to the site project.
  • External Recruitment

    TTCL recruit staff with knowledge, attitudes and appreciate experiences to join the organization by giving opportunity for students who are about to graduate from the bachelor degree in Engineering field from those university that the company has joined the labor market, both in Bangkok and surrounding provinces. The external persons can hand in resume directly at the company and many other channels.

Selection of Candidates 

Company fairly selects candidates who are interested in joining the organization by interview and testing in skills of knowledge, ideas and job position expertise to comply with our performance and match with appropriate department.


The company gives priority to employment which has fair, equitable and appropriated criteria in order to the principles of respect for human rights for setting the standard of employment and compensation, which is divided by experience and work field regardless of gender or nationality without choosing to practice. In addition, The Company also provides opportunities to women groups, people with disabilities or other disadvantaged groups and against child labor or illegal foreign workers in order to use as a guideline for the operation of the operator. Therefore, all employees will receive benefits and welfare according to Thai labor laws.

Talent Attraction & Retention  

TTCL policies for attracting employee cover financial and non-financial incentive. The Company considered the remuneration by consideration from Individual employee’s performance in the previous year is evaluated before incorporated into the annual merit increase and to compare with the general market norm and the similar industry gathering with promoting from work performance.

Empowering employees

Supporting and developing our employees are the main mission of the company as our employees are major force in driving the company’s business forward. Thus sets the program to develop potential employees to extend the capabilities of their own and create a company with solid needle and fair. Company willing to spend a significant amount each year to focus on the performance of our employees.

Employee development is divided into two topics which are in house training and outside training. The company recognizes that employees are critical to the operation of the company to the operate in tandem with the company’s progress along the way. So the company had organized trainers where they are able to generate ideas, knowledge, skill of dialogue and communication in both inside and outside the company to the employee as follows:

  • In-house Training

    Each department in the organization held a training workshop on topics where they are critical to related staff. By the trainers are experienced with degree of professionals, supervisors and also qualified experts within the organization or externally from institutions to be invited as a lecturer at the company.

  • Public Training

    TTCL has arranged employees to attended external training to bring knowledge for developing and optimized work quality for more efficiently.