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Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development Policy

TTCL Public Company Limited is doing the business together with concern about Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

We aim to create and maintain good relationship based on trust and mutual respect and be aware of any possible impact on the Company’s stakeholders such as shareholders, employees, clients, partners, and government. We have also placed high priority on environmental conservation and continuously supported Corporate Social Responsibility activities.

However, in order to create the sustainable development and have the explicit regulation, the company has adjusted and arranged Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development Policy for the comprehensiveness in sustainability issues of the company operation and subsidiaries as following;

Since the Company complies work with Code of Conduct and Code of Business Ethics, all employees are encouraged to understand Code of Business Ethics of the company in order to maintain integrity and transparency of economy, society and environment under the Corporate Governance framework.

The Company prioritizes Human Rights and advocates non-discrimination in gender and social class. The Company is also against child labor and manages the compensation for employees to be at the same level with other business in the same industry. Moreover, the improvement, structural change, and organization management of the company are strictly operated under the Company Regulation and Thai and International law.

The Company prioritizes stakeholders and other concerned persons with the business operation concerning the least impact on both direct and indirect way. We aim to manage the risk management with the international standard and create the sustainable benefit to all stakeholders.

To the society and community, the Company has continuously supported any activity and project which thoroughly covers economy, society, and environment.

The Company operates the business with adopting the provisions of Occupational Health and Safety Management System. The Company also advocates any activity concerning the environmental conservation and efficient resource usage for enhancing the quality and environmental capabilities.

The Company aims to encourage any innovation and research and to develop any business operation that creates value to the organization and stakeholders. The company also concerns the possible impact in the operation under Corporate Social Responsibility and environment.

Meanwhile, the Management and all employees have advocated, pushed forward and complied with Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development Policy for the development and efficiently growth.

This notification is effective from 20th February 2019.