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Company Quality Objective

TTCL’s management sets the company general objectives for quality as follows;

  1. TTCL shall design, supply materials and equipment, and construction the process plant projects including any related facilities to meet customer requirements and satisfaction as specified in the contract for each project.
  2. TTCL shall control time schedule and the progress of works, in accordance with the project schedule planning on monthly basis, to achieve the project time frame and milestones as defined by the contract

The schedule and progress of works that to be controlled are comprised of; Design and Engineering works, Procurement works, Construction works, and Overall Project Progress works.

The specific project objectives shall be defined to suit the specific conditions of each project, by project manager, and shall be clearly specified in the “Project Quality Objective”. The Project Quality Objectives, such as satisfaction level, target plan, schedule and progress of works, shall be assessable or measurable and consistent with the company’s quality policy.

As of May 07, 2021