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Engineering Design

Based on clients' specifications, TTCL reviews planning by simulation of techno-economical aspects.

In providing the engineering design services, the Company’s engineering team, consisting of all necessary engineering fields such as civil, mechanical, electrical and chemical, is capable of designing the whole industrial plant both in civil structures and utility systems, such as electricity, water, air conditioning, solid and wastewater treatment system, storage tanks, production processes, especially for petroleum, petrochemical and chemical plants, including measurement and control system required for the plant. The Company is equipped with eight areas of engineering fields that provide competitive advantage. This allows the Company to perform integrated services to the clients, costs-saving for additional design works and, yet, closely cooperate between design team and construction one. This advantage will enable the Company to control overall cost of the project for highest effectiveness. The engineering design steps will commence with the client’s objective and requirement analysis in every dimension before performing design works in full details.

Key factors that need to be taken into consideration are :

  • Plant’s Safety both in Overall Scope and each Separate Units.
  • Environmental Issues.
  • Maximum Quality Output from Production Processes.
  • Highest efficiency of production steps both in terms of Heat Balance and Material Balance to Achieve the Lowest Cost of Production Level.
  • Reliability of Manufacturing System, Machines and Equipment.
  • Lowest Cost for Maintenance or Future Renovation.
  • Analysis for Foreseeable Obstacles during Construction Processes and Adjustment Plan for Risk Mitigation.
  • Optimal Point of Technology Applied and Project’s Costs.

The engineering design services