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CSR Policy

TTCL Public Company Limited. is engaging business in accordance with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), having intention to co-operate with company’s stakeholders.

The Company is committed to create and maintain good relationship based on trust and mutual respect, realize any possible impact on company’s stakeholders such as shareholders, employees, clients, partners, and government. We also place high priority on environmental conservation and support continuously on corporate social responsibility activities.

There are 6 principles of CSR Practice as follows :

Comply with Code of Conduct to maintain integrity and transparency in business operation. Moreover, all employees shall be encouraged to understand Code of Business Ethics of the company.

Respect human rights, advocate non - discrimination by gender and social class. Manage the compensation for employees to be at the same level with those of other business in the industry, and refrain from child labour. Any improvement, structural change, and organization management shall be under Thai law. Moreover, we shall strictly comply with law and regulations related to occupational health and safety. We shall create work environment which is healthy and safe for employees and contractors to prevent any possible accident or damage.

The customers, investors, partners, employees, and other stakeholders should be treated equally under accurately disclose, transparency and timely information. We also provide standard services to serve customers’ need and lead to gain revenue and business sustainability. Moreover, the Company realizes that all employees are the most valuable resource, therefore we place an importance on potential development, benefits, and work opportunity for the employees by encouragement of knowledge and competence development. Welfare and other employee benefit are provided including activities in relationship creation between employees and managements.

The Company continuously supports activities for society and community such as educational program, knowledgeable opportunity on information technology for social sustainability.

The Company operates business by adopting the provisions of Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSAS 18001, TIS. 18001 and ISO 14001). The Company also advocates the development and conservation activities of energy and environment which are achieved by encouragement of efficient resource usage. The Company arranges campaign activities supporting economical and efficient resource usage such as the electric saving campaigns and disposal of garbage and waste from both at the office and project site. This aims to increase all employees’ awareness of duties and responsibilities on community and environment.

The Company has encouraged the innovation, research and development to accord with Sustainability Development as valued to economic, social and environment.