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Message from President and CEO

As the result of the Company’s operation for the year 2017, we still encounter several challenges in both EPC and the power plant business. Besides that, the construction plant in Lao has temporary shutdown due to the change of authorized decision-makers of the owner which were a key factor for the decline in the company’s both revenue and net profit. Under these circumstances, the Board of Directors proposed the shareholders to consider and approve non-payment of dividend for the year 2017.

For the trend in the year 2018, the risks and uncertainties of the global economic situation have not much been changed. The power plant business in Myanmar, TTCL Subsidiary, continues to operate ordinarily. The power plant business in this region also has high opportunities for future growth. Therefore, I am confident to drive the operation under our management team to the benefit of all stakeholders much better than previous year.

Finally, I am proud of all TTCL’s employees to be united in hard working to overcome the obstacles of the Company. I also would like to thank the shareholders and all of the supporters who support the Company throughout the year and driving for our success.

(Mr. Hironobu Iriya)
President & CEO